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Antivirus software won't detect or remove Xupiter because it isn't a virus and firewalls won't block its toolbar because it integrates with your web browser. Special software is available to locate and safely remove its components. For complete Xupiter removal and to ensure all of its components have been found and removed from your computer, download and run STOPzilla. STOPzilla is a complete adware removal utility that will safely delete Xupiter from your system.

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If you experience any problems using STOPzilla, STOPzilla's 24x7 technical support desk can provide any assistance required to remove Xupiter.

What is Xupiter?
Xupiter consists of an Internet Explorer toolbar containing link buttons to xupiter's search engine. It runs a task at Windows startup which downloads xupiter software upgrades and may also launch pop-ups. It can also change your browser's home page and search settings to point to the xupiter home page, and add it's own links to your favorites. It may also monitor your web browsing habits and report this information to its server. has now been closed down and discontinued.

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