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Registry Cleaner

Repair ActiveX, DLL, Runtime Errors - Stop System Crashes - Boost Operating Speed

A Registry Cleaner is a useful software utility which is used to safely clean out and repair Windows registry problems and remove obsolete entries. Registry cleaners are often a controversial subject, muddied by the fact that some so-called registry cleaners are actually malware or rogueware. This article will describe the usefulness of registry cleaners in general and recommends Registry Mechanic, a legitimate registry cleaning product made by PC Tools.

The Windows Registry is an important part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It stores information on installed hardware, drivers and software, user preferences and settings for the operating system as well as for third-party applications. There a basically two elements to the registry. Registry Keys (and subkeys) are like folders and subfolders and Registry Values are data values stored within them.

The registry can be the source of many Windows errors, slow downs or crashes if it is not properly maintained. It is possible to manually edit the registry, however permanent damage to your operating system can occur if you are not careful or have inadequate technical knowledge. It's always advisable to take a complete backup of the registry before attempting any changes.

A good option is to use a registry cleaner program to take care of maintainiing and fixing the registry automatically, without risking your computer's operating system. A registry cleaner will not only help you to repair your registry but will also help you to prevent problems and errors from occurring in the first place.

Some good reasons to clean your registry:

  • you have frequently installed and uninstalled programs
  • you have partially uninstalled programs
  • you have had malware or virus infections
  • you have uninstalled hardware
  • you have unused drivers on your system
  • you have changed your start menu, file system or COM-based programs

Over time your computer's registry can become filled with errors and obsolete entries from incomplete uninstallations of drivers, hardware, software and malware/viruses. As your computer attempts to handle invalid system instructions due to these invalid registry entries, you could end up with ongoing error messages, crashes, freezes and slow-downs. A registry cleaner will help you to stop system crashes and boost your operating speed.

While registry cleaning is still prevalent to non-commercial computers many businesses have started moving their networks to cloud managed servers. If you're in that boat where you're operating a full network and want to keep it protected, Dell cloud computing is one solution. Like registry cleaning it keeps your network of computers strong and most software allows for quick monitoring of errors. Anti-virus, registry cleaning, and virus scanning can all be utilized to protect all of your assets while also not conflicting with each other.

If you've decided to road test a registry cleaner, a good quality one should be able to detect missing or invalid:

  • Startup programs
  • File associations
  • Application paths
  • Device drivers
  • Help files
  • DLL files
  • System fonts

CCleaner is a good choice registry cleaner for trouble-free and easy-to-use registry cleaning. Its features include scheduled scanning and automatic registry backups.

CCleaner Features: registry cleaner

  • Easy to use interface
  • Startup manager
  • Backs up repairs
  • Built in scheduler
  • Compress or Defrag Registry
  • Removes duplicate files
  • Deletes empty registry Keys
  • Checks invalid Class Keys
  • COM/ActiveX scanning
  • Checks missing font files
  • Checks DLL conflicts
  • Checks invalid application paths
  • Checks invalid shortcuts
  • Checks invalid file associations
  • System monitor and booster

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