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Browser Hijackers are a type of malicious software that may also come with an unwanted browser toolbar and pop-up ads. A browser hijack occurs when a browser hijacker program stealth installs without the user's knowledge or permission and resets the user's web browser settings including favorites and the default home page. The browser home page is set to an unwanted web site which is usually a search engine or portal site owned by the browser hijacker publisher or an affiliate. The user then becomes a virtual captive of the hijacker, unable to change the home page back to their choice. Income is generated for the browser hijacker publisher or affiliate whenever the user executes a search and visits sites in the paid search results or on the portal site.

Browser hijackers are also known as homepage hijackers. Other forms of hijackers include search hijackers, error hijackers and about:blank hijackers:

  • Search Hijackers are programs that reroute the user's search and URL requests through a hidden site. Search requests are captured so that paid listings are displayed rather then relevant search results.
  • Error Hijackers will display a new error page when a requested URL is not found.
  • About:Blank Hijackers are a type of browser hijacker that sets the browser home page address window and title to about:blank and displays a fake search engine or portal in the browser. It may also produce pop-up ads.

The normal procedure to change the browser home page is quite straight forward. Click the browser's Tools > Internet Options and you are then given the option to change the home page. However, this function will not permanently fix a browser hijack. Browser Hijackers either overide the function completely or may re-install themselves sometime later or after rebooting. They are becoming increasingly more sophisticated at avoiding detection and removal.

To remove browser hijackers use a reputable anti-spyware program such as Anti-Malware 2.0. It removes browser hijackers, spyware, spybots, malware, spyware popups, keyloggers and adware toolbars. Features include malware process killer, real-time protection, scheduled scanning, automatic updates and full deep scanning of memory, registry entries, files and folders. If you need additional assistance removing a browser hijack, their technical support can also help you one-on-one to safely uninstall browser hijackers or any other malicious program.

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Activities associated with browser hijackers are now prohibited by a bill approved by the US House of Representatives:

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