Remove WinFixer 2005/2006 and ErrorSafe adware and pop-ups

Remove WinFixer

What is WinFixer?

WinFixer is promoted on its homepage as a registry cleaner able to fix registry problems, repair files and detect hard drive errors. The myriad of annoying pop-ups promoting WinFixer are generated by a hidden adware program installed on the inffected PCs. This adware can install itself by drive-by-download and will also install other programs without the user's permission or knowledge. Its behavior includes using confusing ads and uncloseable message boxes that mimic genuine security alert messages. ErrorSafe is another program that behaves in the same manner and is basically a clone of WinFixer. Websites associated with WinFixer include WinSoftware, ErrorSafe, 600pics, and GasBuddies dot com.

WinFixer adware starts automatically giving false alert messages about 'Severe System Threats', and displays pop-up and pop-under ads when its main program does not appear to be running or it gives the appearance that they are not connected with the product. Most pop-up blockers will not block WinFixer pop-ups because they're generated at the operating system level. If WinFixer pop-ups are constantly being spawned on your PC then you have a WinFixer adware infection. To fix the problem, the adware that's generating the pop-ups needs to be completely removed from your system.

Example: One of WinFixer's pop-ups promoting WinFixer winfixer pop-up

How to Remove WinFixer 2005/2006 and ErrorSafe

WinFixer and ErrorSafe are able to evade most adware removal progams. To remove WinFixer or ErrorSafe first try to locate them in your Add/Remove Programs utility. In some cases they can be removed from there, but the adware generating the pop-ups may still be present on your system. If the Add/Remove Programs utility hasn't completely fixed the problem then use a reputable adware removal program such as Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 2.0 to safely remove the infection:

Download Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareDownload Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

To prevent future infections from adware such as WinFixer it's important to always install the latest Windows service packs and to use an anti-adware/spwyare program that provides real time protection against adware and spyware. Also configure Windows so that programs cannot download on your computer without your knowledge and permission. To do this, in your Internet Explorer menu items select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. In the Browsing Section make sure that all options "Enable Install On Demand...." are unchecked. Do the same in the Security Section for option "Allow Software to Run or Install....". Then select the Security tab > Internet > Custom Level. In the ActiveX Section:

  • Set "Download signed controls" to Prompt.
  • Disable "Download unsigned controls".
  • Disable "Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe".

If you have any questions regarding adware removal please feel free to contact us.

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The owner of this website is NOT affiliated with WinFixer, Win Fixer, WinSoftware, ErrorSafe, 600pics or GasBuddies and does NOT endorse WinFixer, Win Fixer, WinSoftware, ErrorSafe, 600pics or GasBuddies.

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