Remove SpyAxe 3.0

Remove SpyAxe

What is SpyAxe 3.0?

SpyAxe is promoted on its homepages as an antispyware tool able to remove malware, adware and spyware. SpyAxe is actually a rogue antispyware program using tactics usually employed by the adware and spyware programs it is supposed to remove.

SpyAxe uses trojan horses to download and install SpyAxe without the user's knowledge and permission. The trojan may also display a spyware alert message which prompts the user to download SpyAxe. This may look like a legitamate alert message to the casual user but it is really just a ploy to pursuade the user to buy the commercial version of SpyAxe.

As SpyAxe is supposed to remove trojan horses, the behavior of using trojan horses to advertise or secretly download SpyAxe would be considered as an impropriety in most states and countries. SpywareStrike is a cloned variant of SpyAxe, and behaves in the same manner as SpyAxe. Domain names found to be associated with SpyAxe are spyaxe[dot]com, spywarestrike[dot]com maturepain[dot]com, nospywaresoft[dot]com and spyaxe[dot]net

SpyAxe trojans are using a recently discovered security flaw in Windows to infect computers. On January 5th Microsoft released an update to cure this flaw. If you do not have Automatic Windows Updates then visit the Microsoft website and download the latest security updates. This will prevent future infections but will not remove trojans already installed.

How to Remove SpyAxe 3.0 and its Trojans

To permanently remove SpyAxe and/or its fake alert messages, the associated trojan horses must also be removed. If the trojan horses are not properly removed then SpyAxe may be downloaded and re-installed later on. We recommend using a legitimate anti-spyware program such as STOPzilla to safely uninstall SpyAxe and associated trojans. Your first step should be to look for SpyAxe in your Windows Add/Remove Programs utility. If it is there, remove it before running a complete scan with STOPzilla to make sure it's completely removed and to get rid of the trojan horses. STOPzilla is a reputable program and has a 100% service guarantee.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareDownload Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

As soon as you've removed all programs detected by STOPzilla, reboot your system and re-scan. This will ensure the removal process is complete. If you have any further problems with SpyAxe removal please contact us for personal assistance.

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The owner of this website is NOT affiliated with SpyAxe/Spy Axe and does NOT endorse SpyAxe/Spy Axe.

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