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Integrated Search Technologies Inc. (IST) provides a number of software products targeting web surfers, webmasters and advertisers. These products include browser toolbars (Yoursitebar, Slotchbar, xxxtoolbar), a search companion (Sidefind), PowerScan and a browser homepage located at Their software is provided free of charge on the condition that other software products can also be installed onto your PC. When you accept their terms and conditions you also grant permission for IST to install adware on your PC. IST software changes your search settings and browser homepage to point to various affiliated websites e.g.,,, and The owners and affiliates of IST software earn income whenever you use these services.

The Third-party adware programs that may be installed onto your PC include BullsEye, Internet Optimizer, ContextPlus, Dealhelper, Surfaccuracy and Select CashBack. Some variants of ISTbar, including XXXToolbar install rapidblaster, an adware program that spawns pop-up ads. Removing these adware programs may disable or effect the functionality of the associated IST software.

ISTbar variants can be installed using ActiveX drive-by-downloads or javascript message boxes on certain affiliated websites.

If you've decided to remove ISTbar, then you can run their uninstaller in accordance with the publisher's instructions ( Otherwise remove it manually by using the Windows Add/Remove Programs Utility. Look for AUpdate, MS Updates, ISTbar, ISTsvc, Yoursitebar, Slotchbar and xxxtoolbar in the list of installed progams and follow the prompts to remove them. If the uninstaller or Add/Remove Programs Utility did not work then you can use an adware removal program such as STOPzilla to safely remove them. Once ISTbar and its associated components are removed you will be able to change your browser homepage and search settings to your choice (Tools > Internet Options).

On completion it's recommended to scan your system with STOPzilla to ensure all the third-party adware programs are completely removed from your system.

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STOPzilla's features include real time ActiveX and browser hijacker protection, backup and restore, optional automatic updates and scheduled scans. You can also access STOPzilla Technical Support for personal assistance in resolving your adware or ISTbar removal problems.

P.S. You can help other users to remove ISTbar by networking with us.

Integrated Search Technologies Toolbar is a trademark of Integrated Search Technologies INC. The owner of this website is NOT affiliated with ISTbar and does NOT endorse ISTbar.

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