How To Remove Kazaa From Your PC

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A Kazaa Removal Guide:

Kazaa is software that delivers third-party downloads and advertising which users agree to in order for it to remain free. As users knowingly and willingly install Kazaa and its third-party software, it overrides the majority of online security defenses such as firewalls. Kazaa allows file sharing between its user network, which means users could be susceptible to accidently sharing personal documents stored on their hard drives or even downloading spyware. Please note that Kazaa is not spyware and does not contain spyware.

'Spyware' is the name given to programs that can secretly obtain personal information from computers. They can be installed without your knowledge and can be used to obtain details such as your userids, passwords, credit card numbers etc.

You should take as much precaution with 'spyware' as you would with virus programs. The majority of anti-virus programs do not detect and remove spyware because they aren't classified as viruses. However, special anti-spyware programs such as STOPzilla are available to locate and remove their components.

To get rid of Kazaa ads you can either upgrade to the paid version of Kazaa or delete it completely from your system in accordance with the manufacturers license. If you've decided to remove Kazaa from your PC, click the 'Start' menu, then select 'Control Panel' and open the 'Add/Remove Programs' option. Find 'Kazaa Media Desktop' in the list of programs and follow the prompts for removing it. This procedure should completely delete Kazaa and all its components from your system.

If you are concerned about spyware or adware that may have been downloaded during your usage of Kazaa or by other means, scan your system with a spyware remover tool such as STOPzilla. You may be surprised at what privacy intrusive programs you have residing on your machine.

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STOPzilla's technical support can also assist you with removing Kazaa, if that's what you want.

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