Remove CoolWebSearch

Remove CoolWebSearch

Removal Tools to Uninstall CoolWebSearch Hijacker

How to Remove CoolWebSearch Hijacker, herein known as CoolWWWSearch

CoolWWWSearch Hijackers come in dozens of different variants and have become the most notorious browser hijackers on the Net. They reset the user's browser default home page to a web search engine or directory site, so the user effectively becomes a virtual captive of that site, unable to change the home page back to their choice. A CoolWWWSearch infection may also be indicated by the web browser being directed to some unwanted search portal site and about:blank showing in the browser's address window and title.

The normal procedure to change the browser home page is quite straight forward. Click the browser's Tools > Internet Options and follow the prompts to change the home page. However, this function is useless against browser hijackers.

To remove CoolWWWSearch hijackers from your computer system use a reputable adware removal utility. Anti-Malware 2.0 is our recommendation to safely uninstall CoolWWWSearch hijackers. Their 24 hour customer support team can also provide you with 1-on-1 assistance to resolve any issues removing CoolWWWSearch.

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Please Note: The website located at is not responsible for this browser hijacker activity. It provides an affiliate program that has been abused by some affiliates by writing browser hijacker programs that virtually force feed visitors to the search engine's listings. has a firm policy of closing accounts of affiliates that abuse their system. Also, more than 95% of browser hijackings now attributed to coolwebsearch are completely unrelated to affiliates.

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