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Not All Pop-up Blockers Are Made Equal

Many internet users tolerate Pop-up ads believing they're caused by the websites they visit, unaware that the real cause might be an adware or spyware infection. If you have adware or spyware on your PC then installing a pop up blocker may be nothing more than a "band-aid" fix. Doesn't it make sense to block those pop ups at the source by removing the spyware and adware that generate them?

STOPzilla by iS3 is an antispyware product that includes advanced Pop-up blocking functionality that normal Pop-up blockers don't have. It blocks both website pop-ups and those pop-ups spawned by spyware and adware programs. It can distinguish between legitimate Pop-ups (such as banking sites and e-mail) and unwanted Pop-up ads. It can also allow user-requested Pop-ups to display while blocking all other types.

STOPzilla will also remove the spyware and adware which is often the root cause of those annoying pop ups. Apart from the annoyance of Pop-up ads, adware and spyware can also degrade your computer's performance as well as capture your personal information including your age, gender, location, surfing habits and buying preferences.

Download STOPzilla and find out if adware or spyware is the real cause of those annoying pop-ups on your PC.

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