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Antivirus Golden

This web page was set up to provide users with the necessary information and tools to safely and completely remove Antivirus Golden.

Antivirus Golden - A Real Problem

Do you have AntiVirsuGolden? If you turned your PC on the other day and were greeted with different wallpaper from what you had the day before and there is suddenly a new icon in your Quick Launch Toolbar that keeps telling you to download and install a new anti-virus program, you might have Antivirus Golden. Wondering how it got there? You're not alone. Once you understand a bit more about the program, it's important to remove Antivirus Golden right away.

Antivirus Golden False Alerts
Antivirus Golden False Alert

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Operation: Infiltration - How Antivirus Golden Gets To Your Computer Programs like Antivirus Golden find their way onto your computer in one of two ways. Either you visited a site that was infected with it and it found a hole in your browser's security and then installed itself without you knowing, or, the program was attached to an email and when you clicked to download and open the attachment, the program was introduced into your system. Don't feel bad. Programs like Antivirus Golden make themselves at home on millions of computers each day. Be thankful that you have identified the program, and you are ready to fix it.

If, though, you're not sure that Antivirus Golden is the program that you have, there are ways to discover which program it is that you have. Antivirus Golden has one redeeming quality, it usually doesn't waste any time letting itself be known so you can usually fix it pretty quick.

Identify yourself!

The first and most well known result of having Antivirus Golden on your computer is that it will change your wallpaper, or desktop background, to a picture of the product that the program wants you to buy. Most people pick their wallpaper with great care, so a sudden change is usually noticed right away. The second major identifier of the Antivirus Golden program is that an icon will appear in your QuickLaunch Toolbar that is located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

So many bubbles! - The Results of Antivirus Golden

If your new icon simply sat quietly in the corner of your computer, you might never notice it. That, however, isn't usually the case. Sprouting up from the icon will be a series of informational bubbles, each one sounding more dire than the last. The balloons will warn you that your computer is infected with either a virus or spyware or malware. The balloons also tell you to click on them in order to fix the problem. This is called RansomWare, and it is an increasing problem on the Internet. A program installs itself on your computer without you knowing, allows other problems to appear on your machine, and then asks for a fee for the programs it installed.

Just Trust Me….

Most programs like Antivirus Golden take several steps to try to convince you that their program is legitimate. The first is to give you alerts that your computer is infected with far more problem programs than it really is. While it is true that your computer does have problems, they were put there by Antivirus Golden.

Another tool that Antivirus Golden uses is called copycat looks. Antivirus Golden is especially good at this. The program will try to disguise itself as another program, or as a simple Windows pop-up. Unfortunately, it is not a Windows product, but the fact that it looks like one is a bit tricky.

One of the most common tools programs like Antivirus Golden use is pressuring you into buying their software. There isn't a single case anywhere that has shown that the software the program is trying to get you to buy is necessary to remove it. There are other more reliable and more economical ways to take care of the problem.

Do I Have To Remove Antivirus Golden?

One of the main reasons why you want to remove Antivirus Golden from your computer as quickly as possible is because the Antivirus Golden program is a Trojan. A Trojan is essentially any program that installs itself onto your computer without asking permission first. The person who made the Trojan can then access your computer anytime you are connected to the Internet. Personal information and files can be taken or deleted at the whim of the hacker or your computer can be flooded with even more programs which would make your machine inoperable. Any time a reliable anti-spyware or anti-virus program says you have a Trojan, you want to fix it as soon as possible. Removing Antivirus Golden is essential for self-protection.

Finally, A Cure

There are several ways to remove Antivirus Golden from your machine. First, try going into the Add/Remove programs panel and clicking "Remove." Keep in mind, though, that it is possible this program will miss a file or two, and as soon as you restart your computer, Antivirus Golden will reinstall itself.

You could also try to edit your system registry to remove Antivirus Golden. To do this, you will need a complete list of associated files. Be sure to delete all of them. If you miss one, it will reinstall itself on your computer. Be careful, though. If you delete a file your computer needs while you're in the registry, you could cause far more serious problems.

The fastest way to Antivirus Golden removal, as well as any other problem program, is with an established and reputable anti-spyware and anti-virus program. iS3's STOPzilla is a great choice. A good anti-virus program will deep-scan your hard drive looking for programs and it will have the know how to delete them for good. You may see lots of ads for free anti-virus software, but don't count on freeware programs that can only delete half of the problem and leave your computer infected. You need to download a complete program that is ready to get rid of all of your problem adware. Removing Antivirus Golden should be easy with this type of program. Antivirus Golden is a problem, but there are some pretty easy ways to fix it.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareDownload Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

  1. Scan your system with STOPzilla removing all detected infections.
  2. Reboot your PC
  3. Scan your system again to ensure the removal process is complete.

STOPzilla was updated on 20th October 2010 (software v7.0.1, database v432) to remove the latest Antivirus Golden variants. If the infection persists even after using STOPzilla, do the following steps to automatically raise a support ticket:

  1. Ensure you are connected to the Internet
  2. Open STOPzilla program
  3. Click Backup List on the STOPzilla Menu
  4. Click Email Log File
  5. Double Click on the latest STOPzilla log
  6. Type in all the details of your issue
  7. Send the email

To mitigate the chances of future infections from malicious programs such as Antivirus Golden it's important to keep your PC up-to-date with the latest Windows security updates and use a reputable anti-spyware program such as STOPzilla.

If you have any questions regarding Antivirus Golden removal please feel free to contact us.

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The owner of this website is NOT affiliated with Antivirus Golden and does NOT endorse Antivirus Golden.

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