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AntiVermins - A Real Problem For Your Machine

If your computer has been kicking up a storm of pop-ups, balloons and warnings, you might have AntiVermins, an adware that is both annoying and possibly dangerous to your machine. Remove AntiVermins as quickly as you can

Antivermins False Alert
Antivermins False Alert

Understanding AntiVermins - As The Worm Turns….

AntiVermins is implanted on your system when you become infected with the Zolb Trojan worm. You might have heard of the Zolb worm before. It has quickly become one of the most notorious problems because it installs several other nasty programs on your hard drive, thus expanding the amount of damage and mayhem it causes on your PC.

From Russia With Love - A Bit of AntiVermins History

Like most of the problem adware products out there, computer security experts have trouble pinning down exactly who created this one, but it is thought to be Russian. AntiVermins searches for holes in browser security to gain entrance to your computer. You could also inadvertently download the program if you open a spam e-mail attachment. AntiVermins likes to present itself in ways that you can't possibly miss, or ignore. Once it is installed on your computer, you'll be inundated with pop-up balloons in the bottom right section of your monitor that do a fantastic job of looking like your own computer's warning bubbles.

Not so Tiny Bubbles…

The bubbles will, in most cases, take up a good sized chunk of the bottom right hand corner of your screen, and they are filled with urgent text claiming that your computer is infected and that you need to click on this bubble right now to fix the problem. Unfortunately, clicking on the bubble is the last thing you need to do. By giving in to the demands of AntiVermins, you are doing two things. First, you're most likely implanting more adware and viruses on your PC. Second, you are most likely going to be taken to the AntiVermins home page. There, you will be told that you must buy a "complete" version of AntiVermins to rid yourself of viruses. If you do actually have any viruses on your machine, the chances are pretty good that AntiVermins put them there in the first place so that your scan would come up positive.

A King's Ransom

AntiVermins is adware, but it is called RansomWare. This is one of the two threats that AntiVermins poses to your computer. RansomWare is exactly what it sounds like. A program installs itself on your computer, floods you with pop-up browser windows, security warning balloons and serious slow downs, and the program tells you the only way to fix the new problems you're noticing is to pay for the full version of the program. It's a fairly common way for adware programs to act, but it is never pleasant.

My Information!

Along with being RansomWare, AntiVermins is also known as a hijacker. A hijacker is a bug that allows anyone with the proper code to move around inside your PC without your knowledge. The only possible indicator that you would get that someone was inside your computer moving around or deleting files would be a slow down in performance, but since so many other things cause slow downs, most people don't think of a program like AntiVermins as being responsible.

A program like AntiVermins has two basic goals that it wants to accomplish. The first is to steal any and all personal information that you might have stored on your computer such as passwords to sites, banking information or anything else. The second goal, which usually happens after the first one is accomplished, is to cause more problems on your computer. Programs like AntiVermins will sometimes flood your PC with other problem programs to the point where you can't even boot up anymore, or they will simply go around and start deleting files so that your computer is nothing but an empty shell. It's not something that anyone would want to have happen.

Remove AntiVermins

So, now that you know what it is and what it does, how do you get rid of it? That is a bit easier said than done. The main reason is that AntiVermins installs a .dll file that likes to run every time you start up your computer. So even if you have some anti-spyware or anti-virus programs on your computer, unless they can remove AntiVermins and then request you restart your computer so that the rest of the program can be removed as you boot into Windows, you can't get rid of it completely. That is, perhaps, the most sinister part of AntiVermins - it can repair itself if only part of the program is removed from your PC. Unless you get it all, you'll have to keep dealing with it time and time again.

A quick note, before you attempt to remove any malicious software from your computer, make sure you back up all of your important files, as well as creating a System Restore point using the Windows System Restore utility located under the All Programs > Accessories > System Tools menu.

One option you have is to physically edit your system's registry files. You simply delete all of the associated files, and you'll remove AntiVermins forever. This, though, can be a difficult process. Miss one file, and you start all over again. Moreover, if you make a mistake while you're in the registry, you could seriously damage your computer.

Much better - An Easy AntiVermins Removal Solution There is, however, an easy solution. Download and scan your hard drive with a reliable anti-spyware program. iS3's STOPzilla is one of the better choices on the market. Whatever you choose, make sure you're using one of the leading anti-virus programs today because it will not only clean your hard drive, it will remove AntiVermins and any other problem programs associated with that nasty Zolb worm.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareDownload Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

  1. Scan your system with STOPzilla removing all detected infections.
  2. Reboot your PC
  3. Scan your system again to ensure the removal process is complete.

STOPzilla was updated on 20th October 2010 (software v7.0.1, database v432) to remove the latest Antivermins variants. If the infection persists even after using STOPzilla, do the following steps to automatically raise a support ticket:

  1. Ensure you are connected to the Internet
  2. Open STOPzilla program
  3. Click Backup List on the STOPzilla Menu
  4. Click Email Log File
  5. Double Click on the latest STOPzilla log
  6. Type in all the details of your issue
  7. Send the email

To mitigate the chances of future infections from malicious programs such as Antivermins it's important to keep your PC up-to-date with the latest Windows security updates and use a reputable anti-spyware program such as STOPzilla.

If you have any questions regarding Antivermins removal please feel free to contact us.

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