Spyware Removal Tools

Spyware removal tools that remove known spyware threats such as keyloggers, browser hijackers, trojans, adware and fraudulent/rogue anti-spyware:

  • Spyware Doctor has received numerous awards for the best anti-spyware including three PC Magazine Editors' Choice awards, in 2005 and 2006 as well as PC Magazine award for the Best AntiSpyware of 2005. It is an advanced adware and spyware removal tool that detects and cleans thousands of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spyware cookies, trackware, spybots and other malware from your PC. Spyware Doctor doesn't use out-dated anti-virus scanning techniques. Spyware is a modern threat and requires specialized methods for detection and removal. It also has a unique OnGuard system to immunize and protect your system against privacy threats as you surf the Net, and by performing an optional fast detection at Windows start-up you will be alerted if any potential threats are identified. Expert technical support is available to all users.

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