About:Blank Hijacker Removal

About:Blank Hijackers are the most problematic browser hijackers currently on the Net. Tactics include using random names and multiple dlls that can replace each other when deleted, making it extremely difficult to locate and permanently remove all about:blank hijacker components. These programs are constantly being upgraded to stay ahead of the spyware removal programs that detect and remove them. They are worse than viruses in that respect. If your web browser always opens about:blank as its home page (aka start page) and you can't permanently change it using 'Tools > Internet Options', then a browser hijacker is the most likely cause of your about:blank problem.

Love Letter Worm

The Love Letter Worm is another culprit for changing your web browser's home page to about:blank. Worms and viruses tend to be very distructive and can travel between computers by self-replication using various communications links. The main difference between worms and viruses is that worms replace files whereas viruses insert themselves into files. The Love Letter Worm can be removed by any up-to-date anti-virus program.

What is a Browser Hijacker?

Browser hijacker is a term used for insidious programs that usually install without your knowledge and change your web browser's homepage to some web portal or fake search engine (e.g Quick Web Search, Search The Web etc). It will prevent you from changing the homepage yourself or if it does it will just change it back some time later. It can also add new sites to your IE favorites, change search settings, install an adware browser toolbar and send you popup ads. The owners and affiliates of browser hijackers earn income from the advertisements displayed on infected PCs. Everytime you click through to a website from your hijacked homepage you earn income for them. To resolve this problem and return your system to normal it's important to thoroughly clean your system of spyware using a spyware removal tool.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a term used for software that performs certain functions such as advertising, capturing and transmitting personal information or changing the configuration of your web browser or PC without your knowledge and permission. It often stealth installs without your knowledge, maybe packaged with another program you installed intentionally. Spyware often resists removal attempts effectively making you a virtual prisoner. One or more of the following behaviors are good indicatations of a spyware infection:

  • You see pop-up ads even when you're not on the Web.
  • Your web browser's home page and/or search settings have changed without your knowledge, and you can't change them back (e.g. about:blank hijacker).
  • A new toolbar or search bar has appeared on your web browser that you didn't want, and you can't remove it.
  • Your PC is running slower than ever since your CPU is so busy running spyware programs.
  • Your PC keeps crashing.

Activities associated with spyware browser hijackers are now prohibited by a bill approved by the US House of Representatives:

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The owner of this website is NOT affiliated with and does NOT endorse spyware or any about blank homepage hijackers.

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