Spam Free Email

The Dash Post Office component on the Tools has many features including:
  • Dash PO webmail - Unique spam free email system (we'll come back to that)
  • PopMail - access to your email client (Outlook Express, Eudora etc)
  • WebMail - access to your other main webmail account (like HotMail, Yahoo Mail etc)
  • Opt-In AdMail - which will get "delivered" to one of 5 different boxes (Admail, Ezines, Contests, Events and "Requests")
  • DashMail so we can keep in touch with you and

So, it is a multi mail box system that you can use to coordinate and control the flood of stuff that's coursing through the Internet.

Let's look at the Dash PO webmail system - because this is the feature that lets us claim we've got SPAM FREE email.

In a way, this is 'LOW TECH' - because we aren't using any sort of spam filter to sift and sort the incoming mail from whatever source it may originate from. Nope. It's nothing like that at all.

It's simply a closed web-based email system that is only open to our members. You have to have a Tool to use it. You can't send to people outside and they can't send stuff from the outside to the inside.

This should be cause for much rejoicing. Let me tell you why.

First, no one is depriving you of any mail feature you have at your disposal. You can still get mail from the "outside world" through the PopMail and WebMail features.

Second, if anyone tries to use the Dash PO system to send spam to any other member, they will be banished. Not that you'd want to use the system for mass mailings anyway, because we'll add a few features that will block mailings over 100 pieces, and even those may be sent out every few seconds, rather than instantly.

Fourth, from a marketing point of view, it gives us an opportunity to train people to use their other webmail accounts - like Hotmail - as their premier junk account mail boxes. Heck, it's performing like that now.

You will see us marketing Dash PO mail as the "Hottest Mail on Planet Earth" - and that's on purpose! Designed particularly to make Bill Gates take notice of us Toolers.

Now, the AdMail system is not a mail system per se. Actually, what we will do is deliver "links" to your email boxes - so that you can view HTML pages concerning the products and services of our advertisers.

As you use the Tool you will develop your personal mail filters so that your basically only getting the admail you want, although the advertiser can decide which of the opt-in boxes to send it to.

The advertiser will catalogue their "mail" according to our user's personal mail filter system, and we'll do the rest, charging them a good penny or two for the privilege of sending stuff to you.

We then take 25% of the gross revenue from that "electronic postage" and use it to pay all qualified Distributors through the Advertising Royalty Pool (ARP).

What you will be looking at is a BRAND NEW INTERNET ADVERTISING MEDIUM - giving users control over the flow, but giving advertisers a highly targetted audience to whom they can deliver high-impact mail. Mail? Heck it's more like a very vivid, animated full page magazine ad.

So, hang on to your hats folks. Cause when the world discovers the Dash Post Office, you are going to witness and incredible explosion of interest.

I promise you that!

Founder and Chairman
DashTools Inc

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