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Web Browsers

X-Tool web browsers download to your desktop to provide you with

Flag Icon Currency exchange, translators, international information
Function display Displays functions of each button on the Tool
Lips Chat rooms
Lightening bolt Instant Messenger
Beacon Dash Radio
Magnifying glass Google Search
Right Arrow MP3 player
FX File exchange system
Picture Picture Gallery, Archive and Exchange system
DV Calls the Dash Viewer (web browser)
Office Links to the MoneyKey Business Center
Mall.com Links to www.mall.com
DailyMall Daily newsletter from Mall.com

The Dash Post Office ~ the Hottest Mail on Planet Earth

DashPO Dash community web-based email system.  Absolutely SPAM Free.  Users have to have a DashTool to use the system.
PopMail Calls your mail own Pop3 client - Outlook, Eudora, etc
WebMail Lets you log-in to your other web-based email systems (like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc
AdMail Opt-in mail box for general advertising
Ezines User subscriptions to online ezines and newsletters
Contests Opt-in mail box for "contests", prize draws, lotteries etc
Events Opt-in mail box for "event" notices
Requests Advertisers send "requests for authorization" to users asking permission to deliver mail to other boxes.
DashMail Newsletters from DashTools, MoneyKey, DashPO and S'Cool
Address Address book works in conjunction with DashPO mail, instant messenger, chat rooms, file exchange systems etc
Archive File folder system for MP3, Graphics, Text docs, and other files used in conjunction with the Tools

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