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Firefox:  A Great Way to Surf The Web

In the past, people thought of web browsers as being little more than windows to the world wide web.  But as technology and software have evolved, today's internet user demands more than simple internet access from their web browser. 

Enter Firefox.  Firefox is the latest creation of open source powerhouse Mozilla.  Internet enthusiasts have flocked to earlier versions of Firefox for years, citing the program as a safe, secure, customizable web browser.  This newest update is far more than a repackaging with a few interesting bells and whistles; Firefox represents a complete rethinking of an already successful program.  The result of nearly two years work by thousands of collaborators, the Firefox web browser offers users a stunning array of new conveniences, features, and security measures—making it a great way to surf the web safely and enjoyably.

Firefox Features

Firefox has long been lauded for the wide array of features that allow customers to surf the web their way.  Popular features such as tabs and bookmark libraries are back, and all offer new improvements.  One truly fascinating advancement is the address bar, which Mozilla refers to as “the Awesome Bar.”  True to it's name, the Awesome Bar allows users to input not only standard websites (, but also less coded search terms.  For example, typing in “University of Arkansas catalog” immediately takes you to the information you're looking for, without having to even visit a search engine.  Not only that, but the Awesome Bar also responds to commands to search other websites.  For instance adding the word “wiki” before a search query brings up the Wikipedia article concerning the subject you're looking for (if one exists).  The Awesome Bar even learns over time, making its responses more accurate over time.  It's obvious to see how this can make surfing the web a whole lot more convenient.  You can even tag your favorite websites to appear automatically when you type in so called “smart keywords” that you get to choose.

Firefox Awesome/Address Bar
Firefox Awesome Bar

In fact, Firefox has a whole host of included capabilities that make searching the web quick and easy.  The web browser includes a secondary search bar that can be accessed by an easy keyboard shortcut for fly-through navigation.  This search bar includes a drop down menu that allows the user to choose from multiple search engines, making it easy to search all over the web for the information you're looking for.

The Firefox web browser even includes several features that work to make it easy to fix internet blunders.  Everyone has at one time or another closed a tab or web browser window accidentally.  But Firefox users can reopen closed tabs with a few clicks of the mouse, making it easy to recover from slips of the finger.  In fact, if you're browser closes prematurely, Firefox automatically restores your internet session, including information you may have entered into websites.  Even if you're in the middle of writing an email when the program closes suddenly, you'll be able to retrieve everything you've written so far, right down to the last word.

Those are only a few of the literally dozens of amazing convenience features that Firefox offers.  The web browser also includes a password manager, download manager, integrated spell checker, and literally too many other features to list.  In addition to included features such as these, Firefox also supports Add-Ons—small extras that users add at their own discretion.  These Add-Ons do everything from supplying weather and stock quote information to playing internet radio stations.  With more than 5000 programs to choose from, odds are there's an Add-On to suit almost anyone's tastes or needs.

Firefox Security

One of the most impressive facets of Firefox is its wide expanse of useful security features.  Firefox is a web browser that takes your security seriously.  Not only does Firefox merge seamlessly with the anti-virus software you already use, but it also incorporates several features of it's own to keep you and your family safe from internet predators.  Firefox web browser includes specific Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing devices.  These features work by utilizing constantly updated databases of known miscreants.  When you access a potentially dangerous site, Firefox pops up an un-missable red warning window that lets you know that you're in dangerous waters.

Firefox Anti-Phishing Warning Screen (mozilla test page)
Firefox Anti-Phishing

Not only that, but Firefox also offers one touch security information about any website.  With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can view the available security information about any website.  One click brings up basic information, two provides details about your past business with the website and other pertinent security details.  This can help you make on the spot decisions about problem websites, helping you to keep your information secure.

Firefox also has the best to offer of existing web safety technologies, such as secure password management.  Firefox offers a remarkably comprehensive Pop-up Blocker, which allows you to keep annoying extra windows from popping up against your will.  One of the most secure features of Firefox is the fact that it's open source.  This means that security concerns can be addressed and remedied quickly and easily, without having to wait on a single source of aid to get around to fixing the problem. 

Firefox Integration

Without a doubt, one of the most useful things about Firefox web browser is its universal integration.  Firefox works on all standard operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.  This means that no matter what kind of computing system you use, Firefox can be put to work for you.  Now you can use the same web browser on different computers, even if they don't have the same operating system.

But that's not the only way the Firefox ensures it's compatible and accessible to other programs.   Firefox is also dedicated to working well with other computer programs, including firewalls, parental control programs, anti-virus software, and much more.  Firefox has also made a significant effort to be a universally available and usable service by offering it's program in more than 70 different languages.  Firefox even includes an enhanced text rendering graphics engine, which allows it to make script languages easier to read online.   Firefox also offers a powerful FullZoom capability.  This allows users to enlarge not only text, but also graphics and images, making all websites more easily viewed by those with vision disabilities.  Coupled with full integration of screen reading technology for the severely sight-impaired, Firefox is clearly a sincere attempt at making a universally accessible web browser.

So, if you've been interested lately in other web browsing options, or if you're a die hard Firefox fan anxious to get the upgrade, Firefox represents the next significant milestone in web browser development.  Best of all, Firefox is available absolutely free!  So, if you'd like to try out safe, secure, intuitive web browsing, visit the website for Firefox v9 and start surfing today.

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